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The Full Service Audio Agency

We provide the platform for your voice to be heard

We are founded on the belief that audio is the best way to capture hearts and minds. Through conversations and storytelling, we are able to connect with others, explore ideas and express our innermost thoughts and feelings. Our voice and how we use it is a cornerstone of our identity. That's why, at Ease of Mind, it's our mission to make sure your voice is heard.

Our offerings are crafted to maximize connection and leverage the intimacy of audio to get you closer to your audience. We enable our clients to turn their message or brand into impactful audio content that can be used to grow their audience, authority, and business.

Whether it’s through creating an audiobook, building your podcast, or being a guest on other people's podcasts we’ll help your message rise above the noise and into the ears of people all around the world.
All we need is your voice. We'll do the rest.

Our Services

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Podcast Launch

Do you want to expand your reach, network and monetize your voice at all once?

If so, podcasting is for you. Our finely tuned launch process is the simplest way to produce a high-quality podcast that makes your brand stand out from the very first episode.

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Podcast Production

Do you already have a podcast, but you are
ready to uplevel?

We are here for you. Whether you are looking to increase your audience, professionalise your audio or unlock your podcast's full marketing potential, our team of experts will get you there.

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Podcast Guest Appearances

Do you want to increase your exposure by speaking to engaged audiences in your niche?

You should appear as a guest on podcasts. We can get you booked on prominent shows so you will be defined as a thought leader within your field and raise your awareness within a new and captivated audience.

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Audiobook Production

Do you have a story that you want to share with the world?

You need an audiobook. With our unique production process, we can help you make a superb-sounding audiobook that doubles as a powerful marketing tool that can boost your exposure and bottom line.

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Trust the results.

Are you
ready for your
voice to be heard?

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Network Downloads

We have helped our clients amass over 7 million downloads. That’s 7 million times our clients have increased their authority and awareness.

Hours of Audio Produced

We have produced over 2,500 hours of audio for our clients. That's over 150,000 minutes of professional grade audio reaching the ears of listeners across the world.

But don’t take our word for it!

Hear what some of our clients have to say

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Rory Wagstaff

Message from Founder

Our mission is to make it possible for people to share their stories with the world. By combining the authentic nature of audio content with the leverage of modern technology, we enable our clients to spread their message at scale while retaining an intimacy with their audience.

We’ve met hundreds of people who have a story worth sharing but are struggling to make their message stand out among the endless stream of online content. Our offerings are designed to fix this.

If you have a message you would like to share with the world,
Ease of Mind will provide the platform so that your voice is heard.

Our Team.

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Rory Wagstaff
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Liam Wilkinson
Head of Audio
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Michael Francis
Podcast Bookings
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Ronee Mae
Podcast Bookings
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Wiktoria Boniecka
Team images
Team images
Ethan Keeley
Content Writer
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Himank Maheshwarin
Video Editor


Feedback from our clients.

Being a podcaster and doing everything on my own was beginning to feel overwhelming but now beause of Ease of Mind I feel so taken care of and heard. We have been able to increase revenues indirectly from podcasting for our membership and consulting business because of the engaged audience we have built since working with Ease of Mind. I couldn't be happier and more thankful!

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Kelli Mason
Limitless Soul Podcast

I'm so glad Ease of Mind found us! They transformed the show and my passion for it. They more than doubled my monthly audience in just 6 months. They're creative wizards that help bring light to areas in the podcast that needed a little more help. They're very easy to work with and extremely professional. I highly recommend their services

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Danni Pomplun
Yogi Misfit Sessions Podcast

I loved working with the team at Ease of Mind. They made the entire audiobook process so simple. They helped me release an audiobook that I'm truly proud to share. I can't recommend them enough!

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Holly Morphew
Simple Wealth

Ease of Mind are incredible. I’m in the service industry and they continually blow me away with the level of service they have given us as we’ve developed our podcast. If you really want to Podcast, Ease of Mind isn’t a cost, they’re an investment in your dream. From a technical side, they make us sound professional, but what sets them apart is that I feel like I have a partner alongside me. I will probably be podcasting for many years, but if it wasn’t for them I might not have got past episode 5.

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Matt Johnston
The Human Assignment

Rory and the team at Ease of Mind have been truly amazing and incredibly professional. I feel at ease knowing my podcast production is in good hands!! Highly recommend! They have greatly supported the growth of my podcast as well have connected me with wonderful guests.

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Nixie Marie
IAMGC Podcast

Working with Ease of Mind has been an extreme advantage to improve the efficiency and quality of my podcast, Let's Connect. They are extremely reliable, knowledgeable, and truly care deeply about the work they take on. I would highly recommend them to be part of any team wanting to improve their podcast efficiency and quality.

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Keith MacPherson
Let's Connect Podcast

Teaming up with Ease of Mind was a great choice. You instantly get that they are professional: transparent, reliable, and what they delivers is quality. Whenever there was a question or decision to be made, we talked it through straightaway. It is great to have someone you can trust with the whole production - for this audiobook and the next.

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Sonke Ahrens
How To Take Smart Notes

Honestly, my life as a traveling yoga teacher is pretty crazy. I couldn’t do this podcast without Ease of Mind. They're organized and always on time with all the projects and they do a great job with the marketing and editing of my podcast. They're an important part of my team.

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Taylor Hunt
Heartbreak Kids Podcast

Ease of Mind are game changer for podcasters! With their help we were able to spend less time dealing with the details and more time creating the things we love with the comfort of knowing that our show was being managed for us by someone who truly cares. They are certainly the secret ingredient to a successful show! Their passion for their clients podcasts shines through in their work. We highly recommend hiring them.

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Ashley Cotterill
The Inner Work Podcast

My podcast has expanded my career and network. It has allowed me to spread my message at scale. Ease of Mind allowed me to uplevel my podcast, my audience and quality of my podcast. I couldn't do it without them. They are worth every penny charge.

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Henry Winslow
Dharma Talk Podcast

I’ve been using Ease of Mind almost since the beginning of my podcast. Their communication is on point. Unlike other companies, Ease of Mind truly care and are invested in making my episodes as strong as possible. It allows me to do the parts I enjoy, talking with guests and they handle the rest.

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Justin Francisco
Mindful Impact Podcast

Before I started working with Ease of Mind, I was handling all of my podcast editing and booking on my own. This didn't allow for a lot of creative time for me. The team at Ease of Mind does a great job with the all of the technical things related to my podcast. The booking service is extremely useful. More importantly than any of these things though, I feel like Rory and the team are invested in the growth and success of my podcast. I feel as if they want to see me succeed and build a long lasting relationship.

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Eliot Marshall
The Gospel of Fire Podcast

Working with Rory and Ease of Mind has been such a pleasure. They have made the process of podcasting so seamless and easy. I’m very grateful for the incredible service they have provided and would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

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Jessie De Lowe
Madly Forever Podcast

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