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The Benefits of Self-Publishing Your Audiobook

Audiobooks are more effective at attracting and converting customers than physical books because they’re easier to access, digest, and consume across devices

In the not-so-distant past, an author had to jump through countless hoops to get published. Today, it’s never been easier or more popular to self-publish your work – and not just in written form, either. More and more people are now listening to their books, essays, and articles in addition to (or instead of) reading them. It’s no wonder, then, that authors all over see significant opportunity in creating audiobooks for their works.

Of course, transforming a book into an audio format requires time, money, and effort. Depending on the length of your book and how you approach narration (e.g., hiring or self-narrating), your audiobook may cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousands of dollars to produce, let alone publish. These barriers to entry can turn people off to the whole idea. That said, while there’s always a risk involved in any investment, there are many ways to bank off your audiobook and enjoy positive returns in the long run.

In this article, we’ll explore three key ways you can benefit financially from self-publishing your own audiobook.


1. Access a Whole New Audience

Print still reigns, but audiobooks have quickly become many people’s primary method for consuming books, and this trend seems likely to increase. Even those who enjoy reading might not have enough time to sit down and open a book throughout the week. With audiobooks, these same people can go through all the books they’ve been meaning to get to while working out, commuting, taking a walk, or doing household chores.

In other words, a book that might otherwise go unnoticed or unread can gain new life when offered in audio form. Self-publishing your audiobook ensures that your work is discoverable on even more platforms, giving you a chance to increase sales and boost brand recognition. Indeed, some listeners might go out and buy a physical copy of your book if they really connect with it.

2. Use Your Audiobook as a Marketing Tool

Audiobooks are valuable in their own right, but they also serve as powerful marketing devices for the author and their business – this is especially true in the non-fiction market. For instance, self-help and business authors often offer additional resources, services, and products beyond the book they’re selling. In these scenarios, the book is both a product for sale and a launchpad for further transactions or clout.

Audiobooks are in some ways more effective at attracting and converting customers than physical books because they’re easier to access, digest, and consume across devices. Some writers may even offer their audiobook as a free incentive for joining their mailing list, purchasing another product, or simply showing interest. There’s really no limit to the ways in which your audiobook can act as an advertisement and top off the sales funnel.

3. Cultivate Considerable Content

These days, online content posted on social media makes up the majority of marketing material for brands of all sizes. Audiobooks are perfectly positioned for content creation across social media platforms. Most consumers look for concise and appealing material when browsing these sites – audio snippets, audiograms, and video content derived from sections of your audiobook serve as perfect pieces of content. With routine posting, proper formatting, the use of hashtags, and a basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), you can better position your content and your social media profiles in various social media algorithms.

This savvy approach to digital marketing increases your chances of landing sponsorship deals, keeps people’s eyes glued to your brand, and establishes you as a thought leader (or “influencer”) in your field.

The Verdict

So, are you wasting money by self-publishing your own audiobook? The answer lies in what you choose to do with your audiobook after the fact. If you leverage your audiobook to reach new readers and listeners, advertise your business, and pump out quality content for your social media brand, your audiobook can quickly pay for itself and increase sales across your various offerings.

If you’re sold on self-publishing and want some help producing your own audiobook, or if you simply want to have a chat about audiobooks and the promotional content we provide, please get in touch with us.

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