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Do you have a story you want to share with the world? Look no further.

We offer an effortless and affordable way to turn your book into an audiobook that will help you grow your audience and reach new markets. Traditionally, audiobooks have been expensive and logistically challenging to produce… until now. With our unique production process and expert producers, authors can create professional audiobooks from the comfort of their own homes.

We provide a hands-on approach, coaching our clients through the entire audiobook process; from recording their audiobook all the way through to releasing and promoting the polished final product. Whoever or wherever you are, if you've got a story to share we will make sure the world hears it.



We will provide you with all the equipment and audio analysis you need to turn your bedroom into a home studio so that you can create professional-grade audio from the comfort of your own home.


We will be by your side every step of the way, coaching you through the recording and narration process so that you can be sure that your story is being told in your best possible voice.


We will take your raw recordings and perform our signature production techniques and meticulous quality control procedures to transform it into rich, smooth-sounding audio that surpasses industry standards.


With our custom marketing strategies, we will unlock your audiobook's full potential as a high-quality promotional material which you can use to boost your audience and authority.


Listen to what some of our clients have to say.

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Making Sense of Mindfulness

Keith MacPherson

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The Eben Flow

Eben Britton

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Football Lexicon

John Leigh

portfolio images

The Gospel of Fire

Eliot Marshall

portfolio images

How to Take Smart Notes

Sönke Ahrens

portfolio images

Simple Wealth

Holly Morphew


Audible Upload Success Rates

We understand how daunting it can be juggling the strict submission requirements from all the different major distribution platforms, but you don’t need to worry! Our team of audio producers have the expertise required to make sure your audiobook is accepted, 100% of the time.

Return on Investment

Using our custom marketing strategies we will market your audiobook to help you become a leading voice in your industry, nurture new leads, and spark interest in your current offerings. Our methods are tried and tested, and some of our clients have achieved a sevenfold return on their investment.

Client Satisfaction

We will take a virtual step into your recording space and undertake all necessary steps to ensure that you are comfortable and confident when you take your seat behind the microphone. This way, we make sure you end up with an audiobook that you are 100% happy with.

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Liam Wilkinson

Message from Head of Audio

I’ve always been passionate about helping creators produce audio content that aligns with their vision, and helps them get their unique story out into the world. That passion sits at the core of the package we have created here at Ease of Mind, and I truly believe, we can help the many unheard voices out there get the attention they deserve.

But don’t take our word for it!

Have a read of what our many clients have to say.

Teaming up with Ease of Mind was a great choice. You instantly get that they are professional: transparent, reliable, and what they delivers is quality. Whenever there was a question or decision to be made, we talked it through straightaway. It is great to have someone you can trust with the whole production - for this audiobook and the next.

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Sonke Ahrens
How To Take Smart Notes

Rory and his team were affordable, knowledgeable, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. I really did not know where to turn for the assistance I needed and I am so glad I discovered Rory and his well-named company, "Ease of Mind." I recommend them very highly to anyone in need of help with their audiobook.

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Cate Schultz
Soul Primer

Ease of Mind are the best!!! They are easy to work with, super communicative and total pros at what they do. I have referred their services to many of my own clients and it's been a wonderful partnership.

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Krista Ripma
Authentic Audience

From start to finish, the Ease of Mind team were incredibly supportive and professional. I was particularly grateful for the technical support and coaching that I received on how to make this audiobook a success. I highly recommend their services for anyone wishing to communicate their message to the world.

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Keith MacPherson
Making Sense of Mindfulness

The Ease of Mind team were so organised throughout the entire process and helped me so much. The end product turned out better than I ever expected. These guys pulled out the best in me.

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Taylor Hunt
Away From Darkness

I feel so lucky that I found Ease of Mind! They were professional, communicative, and delivered a great product in a timely manner. Since they updated me every step of the way and clearly explained my options, I felt calm and confident about the entire process.

clint image
Jo Eckler
I can't Fix You

Ease of Mind were a pleasure to work with. They were extremely knowledgeable and their attention to detail when recording and editing our audiobook was second to none. I highly recommend their services.

clint image
Indigo Press
Phoebe Barker

I loved working with the team at Ease of Mind. They made the entire audiobook process so simple. They helped me release an audiobook that I'm truly proud to share. I can't recommend them enough!

clint image
Holly Morphew
Simple Wealth

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