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Ease of Mind provides complete podcast management services to business owners. We can transform your podcasting experience by expertly managing all aspects of your show. All you have to do is record the episode and we’ll take care of the rest; from editing to publishing, guest booking, promotion and more. We take the load of podcast management off your hands, giving you time to focus on other areas of your business.

Our Offerings

You can pick and choose the services that are fitted to your podcast's needs.

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We will handle all editing and mastering to enable the smoothest possible listening experience to ensure your podcast audio reflects the quality of your brand.

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We will book relevant and popular guests for you to interview who will resonate with your audience and help boost your show’s exposure.

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We will create promotional content for each episode, complete with your own branding, for you and your guests to share across your social media platforms.

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We will improve your show’s discoverability on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more by creating search engine optimised show notes for every one of your episodes.

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Video Editing

We will produce sleek and professional video podcasts to be released alongside your audio podcast which will boost your reach and help get your podcast in front of an even wider audience.

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We will upload and publish each episode of your podcast, in both audio and video format, to your website and chosen podcast host account to ensure your podcast reaches the ears of the masses.

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Network Downloads

We have helped our clients amass over 7 million downloads. That’s 7 million times our clients have increased their authority and awareness.

Hours of Audio Produced

We have produced over 2,500 hours of audio for our clients. That's over 150,000 minutes of professional grade audio reaching the ears of listeners across the world.


Feedback from our clients.

Ease of Mind are the best! It is because of them that I have a successful podcast each week. Thanks to their support, my podcast has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine. They are reliable and don't hesitate to share their expert ideas to help me grow. I have referred their services to many of my own clients and it's been a wonderful partnership.

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Krista Ripma
Host of the Authentic Audience Podcast

I've been working with Ease of Mind for a number of years now and they are so valuable to the success of my podcast. Their work is incredibly efficient and effective and has accelerated the growth and reach of my brand.
I could not be happier with these guys.

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Greg Scheinman
Host of the Midlife Male Podcast

Working with Rory and Ease of Mind has been such a pleasure. They've made the process of podcasting so seamless and easy. I’m very grateful for the incredible service they provide and would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

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Jessie De Lowe
Madly Forever

My podcast has expanded my career and network. It has allowed me to spread my message at scale. Ease of Mind allowed me to uplevel my podcast, my audience and quality of my podcast. I couldn't do it without them. They are worth every penny charge.

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Henry Winslow
Dharma Talk Podcast

Honestly, my life as a travelling yoga teacher is pretty crazy. I couldn’t do this podcast without Ease of Mind. They're organized and always on time with all the projects and they do a great job with the marketing and editing of my podcast. They're an important part of my team.

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Taylor Hunt
Heartbreak Kids Podcast

Ease of Mind are game changer for podcasters! With their help we were able to spend less time dealing with the details and more time creating the things we love with the comfort of knowing that our show was being managed for us by someone who truly cares. They are certainly the secret ingredient to a successful show! Their passion for their clients podcasts shines through in their work. We highly recommend hiring them.

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Ashley Cotterill
The Inner Work Podcast

I'm so glad Ease of Mind found us! They transformed the show and my passion for it. They more than doubled my monthly audience in just 6 months. They're creative wizards that help bring light to areas in the podcast that needed a little more help. They're very easy to work with and extremely professional. I highly recommend their services

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Danni Pomplun
Yogi Misfit Sessions Podcast

Ease of Mind are incredible. I’m in the service industry and they continually blow me away with the level of service they have given us as we’ve developed our podcast. If you really want to Podcast, Ease of Mind isn’t a cost, they’re an investment in your dream. From a technical side, they make us sound professional, but what sets them apart is that I feel like I have a partner alongside me. I will probably be podcasting for many years, but if it wasn’t for them I might not have got past episode 5.

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Matt Johnston
The Human Assignment

Rory and the team at Ease of Mind have been truly amazing and incredibly professional. I feel at ease knowing my podcast production is in good hands!! Highly recommend! They have greatly supported the growth of my podcast as well have connected me with wonderful guests.

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Nixie Marie
IAMGC Podcast

Working with Ease of Mind has been an extreme advantage to improve the efficiency and quality of my podcast, Let's Connect. They are extremely reliable, knowledgeable, and truly care deeply about the work they take on. I would highly recommend them to be part of any team wanting to improve their podcast efficiency and quality.

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Keith MacPherson
Let's Connect

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